About Revenue Services Group

Revenue Services Group is Western Canada’s largest and fastest growing Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) professional services firm.

Our Teams
Our SR&ED teams comprise SR&ED experts with advanced degrees and extensive experience in product development, finance, tax and SR&ED claim development.

Our Expertise
We specialize in identifying ‘business as usual’ activities that qualify for SR&ED refunds and tax credits in most industries. By specializing in select industries, our SR&ED experts know what activities in each sector qualify for expense refunds or tax credits. And how to appropriately represent your qualifying activities to the CRA.

Our Customers
Customers include some of Canada’s largest companies, from suppliers of monorails to Disneyland, hamburger buns to McDonalds, software to Microsoft, drilling rigs to Shell Oil and Canada’s large fruit products manufacturers, to bakeries, software developers and metal fabricators.

Our Relationship with the CRA
To foster efficiency and success in securing SR&ED refunds and tax credits, Revenue Services Group maintains a close working relationship and structured processes with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which offers social and economic benefit and incentive programs through Canada’s tax system.

Our Process
Our SR&ED expertise and experience, complemented by a streamlined claim process means you receive the optimal SR&ED refunds and tax credits without taking extra time from your staff.

Our Offices
Revenue Services Group provides its services at local SR&ED offices throughout B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, including Vancouver, Richmond, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Saskatoon.

What SR&ED Tax Credits Do You Qualify For?

Invest 30 minutes with a SR&ED tax incentive specialist to find out exactly what you qualify for. Simply click here or contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation.


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Funding & Tax Credits
RSG has joined RSM Canada

RSG has joined RSM Canada as of Dec. 16, 2021

As part of RSM Canada, we’ll take the next step in our growth strategy, continuing to help our clients benefit from the credits and incentives services we offer, while enhancing our offerings with additional tax, audit and consulting services and resources.