Low Interest SR&ED claim Finance – New!

Posted on Mar 13, 2014

RSG Revenue Services Group has provision for a few companies to receive a loan against their SR&ED claim at the low rate of Prime + 5% (currently 8% APR).  Traditional SR&ED loans are provided at 24-36% APR.

This is a pilot program.

50% of an expected ITC will be financed at Prime + 5%.


  • The company has a high likelihood of being cash flow positive or has non-Canadian customers.
  • The company has appointed a SR&ED claim manager internally
  • The company agrees to follow the documentation requirements laid down by RSG
  • The company’s SR&ED claim is prepared by RSG
  • An ITC of at least $400,000 is expected.
  • The company will open an account with RSG’s financing partner to facilitate the loan and receipt of the refund

Interested companies should contact Terra Mackie or David Kaplan at 604.800.4111 or by email.


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